Fire extinguisher Stands

These fire extinguisher stands are quite self explanatory, a humble home for your fire extinguisher! Be Safe Fire Protection have a variety of fire extinguisher stands available for purchase. We have stands with a great glossy finish, so you’ll be able to find your lifeline easily. These stands are available in both single and double variants.

We also offer a hose cradle, these are ideal for storing & containing fire hoses. Our hose cradles get manufactured in red glass-reinforced polyester resin. They are fully mountable onto cabinets or onto walls, allowing it to be accessed quickly and easily.

At Be Safe Fire Protection we understand how important it is to keep fire equipment safe and protected from damage. We offer a hose reel rigid cover which is manufactured in red glass-reinforced polyester resin called GRP. This cover is perfect for keeping your hose in good condition and is designed for harsh environments.

We also offer hinged door cabinets to store your fire extinguishers in, keeping them away from any damage. They are made from tough new ABS and PE plastics, which can come in both single and double hinged options. Traditional GRP cabinets are also available. ABS plastic is environmentally friendly as it is manufactured from recycled materials. As well as this, our ABS cabinets are also hygienic, making them suitable for kitchens and other clinical areas.

Fire extinguisher cabinets are also suitable for fitting on walls or posts and can easily be transportable and will not chip or crack. Our GRP cabinets have a corrosion resistant construction and a high gloss finish. Whilst GRP is the traditional cabinet, we recommend an ABS cabinet.

We offer vehicular fire extinguisher stands, which are shatterproof and lightweight. It is made from polyethylene, this fire extinguisher stand is ideal for vehicle installations. Fires can break out anywhere at any time, better to always be safe than sorry!

If you are unsure on which fire extinguisher stand you need, call us today on 01582 475 843, as we are happy to help and advise.

A prestige range of fire extinguisher stands.

  • High-gloss finish.
  • Single and double versions.

These fire extinguisher stands really are high quality. Make sure your fire extinguisher looks and stays superb with a glossy finish!

Fire Extinguisher Stands
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