Do you require fire extinguisher maintenance?

It should be recognised that fire extinguishers are first-aid appliances intended for use in fighting fires. Their value depends on the operational condition at the time a fire occurs. This requires EFFICIENT FIRE EXTINGUISHER MAINTENANCE. The person who uses the extinguisher expects it to work first time every time and may be risking their life and certainly will risk the property so it is essential that it operates efficiently.

All fire extinguisher maintenance carried out on your premises by a FIA qualified engineer strictly in accordance with British Standards 5306. An annual service of extinguishers includes greasing and making free all working parts and firing mechanisms, internal and external inspection to ensure no damage or corrosion are present, toping up of fluids where water and foam extinguishers are concerned, check weight of cylinders and cartridges to ensure no loss of content has occured.

Furthermore, affixed inspection records apply to all equipment serviced. This shows the condition of the unit, the work carried out and the date on which the inspection occurs. As well as this, you will receive a certificate if your extinguishers pass the service. The certificate validates all of your extinguishers serviced to meet the British standard.

However, if you’re looking to purchase fire extinguishers, we’re also more than happy to help. We offer a variety of high quality fire extinguishers designed for a multitude of fires. Our foam extinguishers are great for fires involving solids and liquids. As well as this, our CO2 extinguishers are ideal for electrical fires, as it effectively suffocates the fire. Furthermore, we recommend our wet chemical fire extinguishers designed for class F fires such as oils, boil overs, etc.

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