Fire Extinguisher Testing is extremely important. Not only does it help you achieve peace of mind… It’s also your life life in a potentially fatal situation. Having a fire extinguisher test is a relatively cheap and quick procedure. However, the potential damage it can prevent is priceless. Fire Extinguisher Testing can be the difference between life and death. The loss of a life is a massive waste that could potentially be avoided through the correct safety precautions. As they always say, better safe than sorry.


As a potential owner or landlord of the site, it’s your responsibility to ensure adequate fire safety. If this is found to not be the case, you could be subject to large fines, prosecution and even prison time. For the low price of a bit of money and time, you could be saving yourself possible prison time and the peace of mind knowing that your actions saved lives.

Furthermore, the responsible individual must carry out risk assessments, inform staff of risks, plan for emergency, etc. Fight these potential risks with fire extinguisher testing today!

Fire Extinguisher Testing

The inspection of a fire extinguisher is a relatively straightforward process, unless an advanced test is underway. Next, we rinse out the extinguisher with clean water. Furthermore, we replace the relevant parts before re-pressuring. If you would like to learn more about this process, please click here!