Fire Protection

The first order of fire protection is finding out who’s responsible. The primary people responsible for the safety and protection against fires are:

  • The Employer
  • The Landlord
  • The Owner
  • The Occupier
  • Anyone else with control of premises, eg: Facilities Manager, Risk Assessor, etc.

If you are the one responsible, there are a variety of things you must do, including:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Plan for Emergency
  • Provide Fire Safety Instruction & Training

Fire Protection is done through studying and practising the control and extinguishing of fires. We do this through analysing the behaviour of fires and potential fires. This also falls under the implementation fire protection services such as sprinklers, extinguishers, fire towels, etc in order to keep buildings and workplaces as safe as possible. Whilst we do not offer sprinkler fittings, they are still paramount to safety and risk reduction in regards to the building. However, we do sell fire extinguishers, towels, extinguisher stands, safety signs and more. We’re always ready and waiting to safely secure your site!

Furthermore, there is a huge risk in having an inadequately fire protected building, from simple property damage to the potential loss of life. These fire protection systems are extremely cheap when compared to the cost of a life. When it comes to fire protection, taking risks is out of the window. A building should be as safe and secure as possible, with a multitude of fire exits and fire fighting equipment. At Be Safe, we can deliver such safety and assurance to help put your mind at rest. If you would like to learn more about fire safety, please click here to visit the government’s fire safety site.

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